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4x4 Air Flow Design

Arcsist Four-Sided
Cooling System is designed to provide cool air in all directions,
ensuring that everyone feels the refreshing breeze. You can
adjust the Up & Down Wind Direction on each side via the air outlet
direction knob in each grid plate, as well as the Air Intensity via the
air volume knob.

New Type of Cooling Experience

The World's First 4x4 AirFlow Portable Air Conditioner, unlocking a new level of coolness-sharing outdoors

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Have Fun in your Scenario

For Outside

When the family dinner, turn on the Arcsist portable air conditioner,
the four-sided air outlet design allows everyone around to enjoy the
cool air.

For Pool

When you are relaxing by the pool, Arcsist can provide a single side out
of the wind, and the wind direction can be freely adjusted.

For Camping

When you are camping, you can connect the organ pipe, put the air
conditioner outside the tent and turn on the Arcsist's sleep mode, which
can help you enjoy the journey better.

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